But How Does Reiki Work?

Published on 1 August 2022 at 10:16

Why do some people choose energy healing such as Reiki, the Silva Method, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, crystal healing, THeta healing, massage therapy, float therapy, cryotherapy, or other modalities instead of just going to the doctor? My clients choose to do both. In fact many of what are considered alternative or nontraditional healing methods predate conventional medicine. At Reiki for Wellness, we focus on Reiki and Sound Vibration healing.


Since beginning my initial Reiki Master training in 2016, it has been my pleasure to share this beautiful healing modality with so many people, many of whom have never even heard the word before. The first question is, how did you pronounce that? It's pronounced, RAY-kee. The second question is, how does it work?


I explain that Reiki always reminds me of when I was a child and heard the elders remind everyone, "There's no distance in prayer!" I was fascinated with this concept. Praying for someone from across the globe was no less powerful than praying for someone in the same room and laying hands on them. Wow! That was probably what led me to Reiki. I wanted to share healing in a very deliberate and intentional way. I saw healers on television, and had learned about Edgar Cayce, the sleeping prophet. But I didn't have the ability to dream of healings for people like that. And I wasn't psychic. All I knew was that I had the intuitive gift of clairempathy and had the desire to heal the suffering I encountered in others.


In this article from the Cleveland Clinic, you can learn more about how Reiki works from a medical perspective. I understand it is being used more and more in hospital and clinical settings to support the healing process. I am so excited to be a part of something, anything that makes life on Earth more fulfilling and "easeful" for anyone who needing loving support, whether physical, emotional, or situational. 


When I perform a Reiki session, I meditate to clear my mind a bit. I may gather crystals, Tibetan bowls, sage, etc. Then, as I focus of my client, I connect (with permission) to their energy field. Think of that as the aura, chakras, etc. While in that sacred space, I focus on sending healing energy to the area of need expressed by the client. However, Reiki life force energy (or Chi) also goes where it is most needed. What if another imbalance or limitation is at the root cause of the current situation or condition? Reiki may address that underlying issue first. My focus is not the outcome, but on channeling healing energy directly from Source (God, the Universe, Love & Light, etc.) to where it is most needed. I am a vessel for this energy to flow through to you. You are the ultimate healer. Isn't that powerful and lovely?


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