10 Reasons to Add Reiki to Your Wellness Toolkit

Published on 7 July 2022 at 20:59

You may have heard about energy healing and maybe even explored websites that offer Reiki and thought it sounded froo-froo or hippy-ish, maybe even demonic or evil. I respect your concerns. The best way to know for certain is through education, research, and experience. I have listed below 10 things you may not have known about Reiki. Of course, the more research you do, the more informed you will be. But feel free to get started here with my list of 10 things you should know about Reiki:


  1. Non-invasive, painless- Reiki may involve touch; but is just as effective with hands hovered above the body or even at any distance including across the globe. It reminds me of the laying on of hands when praying for someone, or holy hands facing in the direction of anyone receiving intercessory prayer.
  2. Can be remote as well as asynchronous- Like the saying, “no distance in prayer.” As stated above, Reiki can be performed from anywhere in the world and be equally effective as Reiki performed in the same room.
  3. Effective for mental, physical, situational issues- Reiki is effective and supportive in helping recipients to recover from illness, chronic conditions, and injuries. Reiki is wonderful at helping to release overwhelming stress (and overwhelm in general). Reiki can support recipients preparing for job interviews, exams, purchasing and closing on a house, experiencing relationship struggles, and so much more. 
  4. Comforting and therapeutic when life is tough- When performing a Reiki session, not even a Master practitioner can guarantee full recovery, lottery wins, or a lover's return. However, like receiving a wonderful massage or spa treatment, Reiki offers a deeply comforting and therapeutic connection, not only between client and practitioner, but also between the client and the client's higher self and spirituality.
  5. Effective for pets as well- Animals and pets respond well to Reiki. It is a wonderful supportive complement to veterinary care. 
  6. Not tied to any specific belief system- Are you betraying your religious or spiritual path by receiving Reiki? Not at all. Reiki is not religious. It is not proprietary of any faith, path, nationality, or belief system. It is energy, life force energy, or chi, lovingly channeled from creator source and directed towards our healing for our highest and best good.
  7. Complementary to any existing treatments or therapies- Reiki is not a substitute for medical or mental health treatment. It is a holistic and complementary healing therapy and is often used in hospitals to aid in recovery and healing.
  8. In many cases, continues to work even after the session- This is my favorite thing about performing a Reiki session. Knowing that Reiki may continue to go where it is needed after the session has ended is exciting and encouraging. Reiki is an intuitive energy that goes when and where it is most needed, according to the recipient's desire to receive it; and according to the recipient's highest good.
  9. Holistic, and natural, similar to laying on of hands- Reiki involves no needles, no pills, no prescriptions, no chemicals. It is one being directing love and healing toward another. Simple and natural.
  10. Is not bound to the present day- Reiki can be directed towards healing past trauma and experiences. It can be sent into the future for support during upcoming events and challenges. 


I hope I have answered some of your questions about the wonderful practice of Reiki energy healing. If you're ready to add Reiki to your wellness toolkit, you browse options here. If you have questions or comments, please share them below. Blessings!



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