All healing is ultimately Self-healing.

As an Energy healer, my calling and purpose is to help you clear away blockages which my may be preventing wholeness; and to facilitate a deeper connection with your Higher Self in order to facilitate Balance, Wellness, and Healing. The practice of Energy Healing has served humankind for thousands of years and can greatly increase the Quality of Living. Experience the benefits of Reiki and Energy healing  in your life today.


🔸Reviews & Testimonials🔸 


I highly recommend Cody's services. She performed a crystal grid clearing for me that left me feeling fantastic...I had so much energy and mental clarity. I was able to complete tasks that had been piling up for ages. 

My sister, who lives in another state, bought a used mobile home. She mentioned that the master bedroom and bathroom made her feel bad. I contacted Cody and arranged a space clearing. She performed the clearing from halfway across the country. My sister confirmed that the negative feeling is gone and the house now feels right.

Reiki is a powerful tool and Cody is a pleasure to work with.


Stacy G. Tennessee



I received an in-person Reiki Sound Healing session with Cody to get my chakras balanced and tuned. I had been feeling out of sorts and uncomfortable in my own skin, moody, irritable and generally stressed out. Not only was the session a remarkably relaxing and nurturing experience, I felt deeply grounded and centered afterwards, clearer and calmer. This will definitely be part of my regular self-care routine from now on!


Ellen R. Colorado



Cody performed a remote Sound Vibration Healing session with me.  I was skeptical that I would feel what I had experienced in hands-on Reiki sessions in the past. With the pandemic, I decided to try remote healing. I suffer with chronic pain and energy healings seem to provide me with noticeable relief. During the session, I laid down and listened to some soft music. I actually felt warmness and tingling in my legs where Cody was working. It was amazing. 


Jared W. Tennessee