7 Frugal Ways to Entertain Your Family!

Published on 2 July 2022 at 10:18

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You don’t need a big budget to create quality memories with your loved ones! Here are our tips for frugal ways to entertain your family (and most are even COVID-friendly). 


Quality time is a key component of any happy family. And though some of the most precious moments I’ve shared with my family have been outside the home, the costs associated with these activities used to wreak havoc on my wallet. Now with COVID safety measures in mind, it makes good sense (and cents) to make the most of indoor entertainment!

Here are some fun ways to create memories without breaking the bank:


1) Start a family game night tradition, and turn one small investment into years of memories.


Who said you had to leave home to have fun with the family? If money’s really tight, grab a few of your favorite board or video games, throw a few franks and patties on the grill, and have at it. You’ll save a lot of money, and have a lot of fun. Plus, when these nights become a family tradition, that only $20 investment in Monopoly will be spread out across many, many years of fun!


2) Visit a National or State Park for free fun outdoors!


Do you live close to a national or state park? Pay them a visit on a day they offer free admission. Another option is to only visit parks that can be accessed free of charge; to date, only 133 of 401 national parks charge a fee. Find out what their distancing policies are before your visit if needed.


3) Amateur sporting events make a great alternative for pricey pro games.


Skip the parking headaches, high ticket prices, and long lines that accompany professional sporting events. Go the amateur route instead: tickets are much cheaper, and so are the concessions. Again, be sure you feel safely distanced if these events are still on during COVID.


4) Enjoy a family picnic on a beautiful summer’s day.


Load up the cooler with lunch for the entire family and head to the park for a picnic. It’s also wise to bring along a few balls and wear your athletic shoes just in case you want to make it a day of family fun. Invest in a good waterproof blanket to help keep the family dry even if picnicking after recent rainfall (or to help with clean-up if your kids tend to spill!)


5) Local deal sites are treasure chests for frugal family fun.


Check deal sites, such as Groupon and Living Social, for accommodations in a neighboring city, and take a quick trip. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, a staycation is a good way to get a quick change of scenery without doling out too much cash.


6) Look out for family-oriented events at a nearby college! 


Contrary to popular belief, events hosted by colleges and universities aren’t always restricted to faculty, staff, and students. While attending Tennessee State University, Student Government hosted a carnival each year for homecoming. Even after graduating, I continued to visit and bring my children along so they could enjoy the free food and rides.


7) Enjoy a family movie night at home! 


Chances are you belong to at least one streaming service. Even if you don’t, movies are available to rent online across many platforms for as low as $2.99. Make your favorite movie theatre snacks at home with the kids (or grab those candy boxes at the dollar store), and maybe add a fun pillow-fort into the mix! Your grand total will come to less than $10-- compare that to the average of $15-20 per person when buying movie tickets and concessions at the theatre!


Got more Frugal Family Entertainment ideas? Post them in the comments!


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