Numerology Life Blueprint Charts

I have experienced psychic readings, mediumship readings, and oracle card readings. I love them all. While I am highly intuitive, I am not at all psychic- at least not in this season of my journey. I saw ghosts and talked to dead people as a child, but nowadays, I only seem to see the obvious...which brings me to Numerology.

Why do I adore this esoteric form of divination? Because numbers are not swayed by my intuition, my biases, or what I had for breakfast this morning. Numerology is based on your date of birth and the name on your birth certificate. I could have had flaming hot chicken for breakfast and that will in no way, shape, or form affect your numbers.

I am a Master Numerologist. I began studying over a decade ago and got side tracked by life events. I am ecstatic to be on track. Try a chart and unlock the secrets of who you truly are.

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

Sometimes two heads are more intuitive than one. Perhaps you could benefit from the added support that often comes with an intuitive reading. Why not treat yourself (or a friend) to an oracle card reading?


In this reading you will receive a photo of your 3-card spread along with an email interpretation of the reading, plus an empowering affirmation for the day.